Chiropractic Testimonials

“My previous ankle sprain had been causing me problems so I went to Dr. Stubbs to see what he could do for me. He was great to work with and was able to work on several issues I was having as well as my ALLERGIES! I left his office feeling awesome and immediately recommended him to my parents who both now go to him as well!

If you have any aches and pains that you can’t seem to shake, go see them!”

- Megan L.

“Anyone who knows me, knows my favorite doctor is my chiropractor. I had a fantastic chiropractor in DC, so when I moved to Austin or Circle C I was sure no one could compare. Dr. James Stubbs has filled the void and then some. He performs quality chiropractic care in addition to prescribing stretches and rehab for my weak areas which many chiropractors don’t do. Additionally, Dr. Stubbs always makes time in his busy schedule to see me and calls to check-up on me if he hasn’t seen me in a while. Overall, I find Dr. Stubbs to be a thorough, caring, and superior chiropractor whom I would recommend to anyone.”

- Lauren K.

“Dr. Stubbs is a wonderful chiropractor! He is affordable and offers quality adjustments. I feel like I get my money’s worth every time I go…he doesn’t just do a 5 minute adjustment and send you on your way. He takes his time and makes sure to target your areas of issues. He also incorporates physical medicine which helps improve your posture and so much more. I highly recommend him. I drive all the way from San Marcos to see him!”

- Lindsay M.

“I was scared to see a chiropractor for the first time, really scared. My fears became less important the day my neck injury got so bad I couldn’t turn my head and I was having numbness and tingling in my arm, hand, and fingers. Thank goodness I found Dr James! I discussed my fears and concerns with him and he was patient and answered every question I could think of and even the ones that hadn’t come to mind yet.

I have now been seeing Dr James for several months. My neck and back have not been this pain free in years and as a side benefit my migraine headaches have nearly ceased. He has an intelligent and gentle bedside manner and is more than flexible with scheduling appointments. He accepts my insurance and is completely worth the 30 minute drive I make to his office every other weekend. I could just keep going saying wonderful things about this place but I’ll wrap it up with a very simple HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

- Carrie W.

“Dr. James Stubbs is a fantastic chiropractor! I have been to dozens of chiropractors and several physical therapists for low back pain, and Dr. James offers a comprehensive treatment that blends many of therapies. With each visit, I receive an adjustment, message, stretches, and weight exercises to align and strengthen my body. He is ultra flexible with his schedule to accommodate yours, and I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes to see him. He is personable, and knowledgeable about total body wellness. He receives my highest recommendation!”

- Steffanie S.

“I came into see Dr Stubbs because I was having a recurring alignment issues from running. This problem was affecting my performance during triathlons and the pain was becoming a nuisance. Before coming into Dr Stubbs office I just dealt with the pain by resting and did not try anything else. Dr Stubbs determined I had a mis-alignment of my pelvis, which was causing the pain into my hip. I noticed that after I started care the improvements were in my ability to train at the same intense levels and compete in more triathlons as my pre-injury status.”

- Andrew K.

“The reason I came into Dr Stubbs office was to seek relief from pain. Also, overall body wellness. The pain I was having started to affect my exercise habits and make it difficult with every day tasks. I did try physical therapy and chiropractic work in the past, which only took care of the discomfort for a little while. The changes I have seen since care started are amazing. The everyday tasks that I was worried I would not be able to do again started to become easier and the pain has lessened. I was able to start running again and did my first 5K in about a year soon after treatment started. I started to notice a change in my posture, which I was not aware of before treatment started.”

- Victoria C.

“I sought out chiropractor care because I had mild scoliosis, I had met Dr Stubbs at a networking event and enjoyed his personality. I was just very uncomfortable while sitting in my car and exercising. I had seen another chiropractor but I did not get as much relief from his treatments. Since starting treatment Dr Stubbs has helped relieve tightness in my back. After the examination Dr Stubbs said he might be able to help with my sinus issues and TMJ dysfunction. After a few treatments I stated to feel some decreased pain in my TMJ and I have not had sinus problems.”

- Ashley D.

“I stated to come see Dr Stubbs because I had chronic allergies and headaches. I was also dealing with upper back and neck pain, which was making me lose about 30% of my effectiveness while working. I was using a lot of over the counter pain medication to function. Before I stated with Dr Stubbs I had visited my MD and was prescribed muscle relaxants and physical therapy; which worked for a bit of time but the problem crept up again. For the allergy issues I was having I was taking over the counter medications to help decrease the symptoms. With three months of regular chiropractic care my headaches have been reduced by 75%, and my neck and back pain started being reliably pain free.”

- Michele S.

“I started seeing Dr Stubbs because I have been dealing with back and neck pain along with frequent headaches and scoliosis. Dealing with this has also caused my hips, knees and wrists to hurt. I have beginning to feel like the headaches and pain have kept me from feeling the best and affected every area of my life. All of my life I have worried about the scoliosis getting worse and eventually leading to a possible surgery. I had tried out many things for the pain, i.e. medications and over the counter pain relievers along with massage and physical therapy, which only had minor help on my pain and other symptoms. I have noticed since I started chiropractic the pain and headaches have gone away, I have also felt my spine has begun to become straighter. This has caused me to worry a lot less about having surgery and made me feel much happier. The shocking change I noticed with chiropractic care was I can feel and see the difference in my spine, it was crooked before but now is my straighter. I can’t believe I have had this much improvement!”

- Jocelyn B.

“I came to see Dr Stubbs because I was having wrist pain after spending long hours on my laptop. I recently joined a kickboxing gym, which had also cause some posture issues. This then started affecting me, causing neck and back pain. I could not deal with the pain anymore so I had to stop working out, also I could not hike for very long or take a long drive in the car. Before I came to see a chiropractor I tried massage and looked up videos on YouTube to change my posture during kickboxing. Quickly after receiving chiropractic adjustments to my neck, wrist and low back I was able to begin my workouts again. I can see improvement with a pain and am very optimistic about getting pain free. This being my first experience with chiropractic , I was not sure about results. Working with Dr Stubbs I have seen improvements and I am looking forward to my goal of being healthy and pain-free.”

- Nellie R.

“I started to see Dr Stubbs because I was becoming very concerned with my posture, I would look at pictures of myself and notice my head was leaning too far forward. I started to lose self-confidence in myself because I did not know what to do about my posture. I was really lost and honestly didn’t know what to try before chiropractic, I did a couple of exercises but saw no significant improvement. Since getting adjusted I feel like my confidence has returned and I am standing a lot taller. The one thing I did not expect was the time I could stay seated at my desk or standing while performing has increased substantially.”

- Adrian R.

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