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Chiropractor Austin TX

Welcome to Optimal Wellness and Chiropractic in Austin, TX. In our office looks to treat the body as an entire functioning unit with our spine and nervous system as the master controller. Our Austin or Circle C chiropractors look for nerve interference caused by mis-alignments in the spine and find ways to correct the interference by using chiropractic adjustments, which can help the body return to proper function.

Welcome to Optimal Wellness & Chiropractic

I came to set up my practice in Austin almost 7 years ago, the same way most people get to Austin. The city has such great energy that you can almost feel the buzz stepping off the plane. I also wanted to be part of a community that values a healthy and natural lifestyle that Austin embraces. With the amount of outdoor activities around the city it is easy why to see why so many people are attracted here.

The reason I personally became a chiropractor was I suffered for so long with headaches as a child I could barely go to school. After many failed treatments and then being involved in a car accident I was sent to a chiropractor. Long story short he told me in 6mo I could be headache free and I was, based on that I knew I wanted to help as many people in Austin as I can who are suffering needlessly with pain and help them lead a super-powered life.

What Sets Us Apart

With the diverse number of chiropractors in Austin, we try to set our office apart by the constant learning we are doing for our rehabilitation and physio-therapy techniques in the office. We use a varied of tools to not only get rid of pain but to correct the cause of your pain. Over the counter medicines work a lot better than chiropractic on a quick fix of pain but to correct the cause of your pain and have it not come back there are not many things that beat chiropractic mixed with rehabilitation. We use some off the most advanced exam techniques in our office to find the root cause of the symptoms that our patients are suffering from. One exam tool involves measuring how well the nervous system in functioning, because without a proper functioning nervous system your body will never be as healthy as you want it to be.

One thing I love to tell my patients is I am not in control of their health, it is their option on what to do. I am just here to lay out a program to them to their goals. Our office understands that many people are on a journey to health but some want to take it slow and that is ok.

We draw our passion from getting our patients healthy and back to doing what they love best, which for most of us is being outdoors here in Austin. If you would like to get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime please contact our office. We would love to help you meet your health goals.

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“Overall, I find Dr. Stubbs to be a thorough, caring, and superior chiropractor whom I would recommend to anyone...”

- Lauren K.

“If you have any aches and pains that you can’t seem to shake, go see them!”

- Megan L.

“I noticed that after I started care the improvements were in my ability to train at the same intense levels and compete in more triathlons as my pre-injury status...”

- Andrew K.

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3421 West William Cannon Drive #145

Austin, TX 78745