Did You Know Your Sugar Cravings Could Be Caused By The Posture of Your Neck in Austin or Circle C?

What a Chiropractor can help

The fifth bone in the neck is involved with providing the primary nerve supply to the Vocal cords, pharynx and pancreas –If subluxated (misaligned producing abnormal nerve system transmission of information) leading to such common health complaints as craving sweets, fatigue, memory loss, emotional instability, headache, sore throat and hoarseness.

Chiropractors in Austin or Circle C are the best at assessing subluxations of vertebrae and correcting the misalignments. You may also experience stiffness or pain in your neck with misalignments.

Misalignment can be caused from caffeine withdrawal, unmanaged stress, exhaustion and ergonomic stress like repetitive motion or long periods of inactivity. This area is also commonly affected in whiplash type injuries.

Perhaps of greater importance than these local affects of subluxation of 5C, are the global affects of subluxation of this area because this not only affects the sensory and motor system involving the arms and hands but also organ function. When associated with subluxations involving T6 and L3, diabetes and diabetes like conditions may be expected. When this is the case, blood sugar regulation, which in turn affects muscle function throughout the body, may result. Obesity and heart problems are also commonly associated with blood sugar (pancreas) problems.

With chiropractic adjustments it is possible to change your sugar cravings which could have a larger effect on the body.  Our team at Optimal Wellness & Chiropractic in Austin or Circle C have specific techniques to determine if your vertebrae are misaligned.

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