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We have 12 vertebrae in our mid-back and this week we are focusing on the 5th thoracic vertebrae. The 5th thoracic vertebrae can be stressed by our work postures, whiplash, or other stomach irritants. You could also have pain that starts in the middle of your shoulder blades and moves out to the sides of the ribs.

5T is involved with providing the primary nerve supply from the control centers in the brain through the “celiac plexus” to the Esophagus, Stomach and Intestines. Misalignment can produce abnormal nerve system transmission of information) and associated with such common health complaints as indigestion and ulcer (gastric). At Optimal Wellness & Chiropractic in Austin or Circle C we fully understand the frustrations that can occur with a situation like this.

Symptoms of a “pinched nerve” in Austin or Circle C

5T subluxation can be caused by physical, chemical, emotional and/or environmental stress or a combination of these stressors beyond the body’s ability to cope. Chronic 5T subluxation may involve other subluxations, particularly 6C, as a compensation to counter-balance.

Perhaps of greater importance than these local affects of subluxation of 5T, are the global affects of subluxation of this area. As already mentioned, 5T may serve as an early indicator of the potential for stomach and digestive disease. Other confirming signs and symptoms include tenderness on palpation and a measurable reduction in respiratory volume.

We at Optimal Wellness & Chiropractic in Austin or Circle C look at the entire body to make sure we find the cause of your symptoms and not just treat your symptoms. We use a variety of techniques to get your body functioning at it

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