Could Your Neck Being Misaligned Causing Your Chronic Heartburn in Austin or Circle C?

Chiropractors treat 3 common conditions

Optimal Wellness & Chiropractic in Austin or Circle C explains of the seventh bones in the neck the second to the base of your neck, the 6th cervical vertebrae provides nerve supply to the arm as well as your esophagus. What does this mean to you, you might ask. If the vertebrae are misaligned or subluxated it can cause you to experience a few different symptoms such as numbness in the hand that you might mistake for carpal tunnel.

Some other common health complaints as stomach pain after eating, antacid use, tonsillitis, neck and shoulder pain. Hiatal hernia and ulcer may also be associated with 6C misalignment.

While chiropractic at Optimal Wellness & Chiropractic in Austin or Circle C is not involved with the chasing of symptoms per se, it is important to understand the neurological basis for many health complaints. We at Optimal Wellness & Chiropractic may be able to help you with these symptoms you are experiencing and get you on the path to good health.

We urge you to visit our office to see if we may be able to correct the subluxations that could be causing some of these symptoms and in terms of Carpal Tunnel prevent surgery.

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