Could A Bone In Your Neck Be Affecting Your Athletic Performance in Austin or Circle C?

Chiropractic Austin or Circle C Neck Pain

Did you know that a nerve traveling from your neck goes all the way to your diaphragm?  Well its true the third bone in your neck helps provide nerve supply to the diaphragm face and lung. Chiropractor in Austin or Circle C explains how this bone can affect your athletic performance.

At Optimal Wellness & Chiropractic, it is commonly found to be an area that is subluxated (misaligned producing abnormal nerve system transmission of information) leading to such common health complaints as chronic fatigue, vertigo, anxiety, and shortness of breath. This is a result of the interference produced by this subluxation on the phrenic nerve which is the primary nerve supply to the diaphragm.

How The Neck in Your Bone is Affected in Austin or Circle C

3C subluxation can be caused by physical, chemical, emotional (in particular) and/or environmental stress or a combination of these stressors beyond the body’s ability to cope. Common stressors affecting this part of the spine and nervous system include: falls, poor posture while on your phone or on your computer, depression, unmanaged stress, exhaustion and loss of endurance.

The importance of the diaphragm and the relationship which it bears to the health of the individual is still not sufficiently appreciated. A measurable reduction in respiratory volume can contribute to many different health problems.

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