Overcoming Adrenal Overdrive

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Nowadays it feels like we are being pulled in so many different directions from the moment we wake up until we finally shut off our phones at night to get sometimes semi-restful sleep. This constant bombardment of stress and stimulus can have negative effects on the body not only in the short term but also the long term.  Terms that are really coming into the media lately is “Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Overdrive ”, which simply put means we have run our bodies into the ground with stress and can not rest or relax to recharge our bodies. Top Austin or Circle C Chiropractor James Stubbs provides some insight on how to determine if you are suffering from adrenal overdrive.

Some signs your body is in Adrenal Overdrive are:

  • Waking up tired: even if you feel you have had a decent amount of sleep your body is not producing enough cortisol when getting up in the morning
  • Craving salty or sweet foods: basically when we are stressed for too long our bodies need a quick burst of energy and these foods typically provide that
  • Gaining belly fat:
  • Feeling judgmental: We all know when stuck in traffic we feel slight tension but when we get overly upset at the drivers around us it could be a sign of Adrenal Overdrive

Some ways to respond to Adrenal Overdrive seem simple but they do take practice in the moment:

  • REST & RESET: Humans did not evolve to spend all day overly stressed in Adrenal Overdrive.
    • Don’t check your phone for the first 30 min of your day and turn your phone off an hour before bed
    • Take a bath with some essential oils (lavender, orange, rose, lemon)
    • Attend a yoga class, if you can not get to an hour class YouTube has quicker videos for you
    • Spend time outdoors (I know right now in Austin we don’t want to)
    • Deep breathing; there are a variety of techniques i.e Wim Hof, Pranayama, One Nostril
  • Get Social
    • We all need someone to talk to even if it isn’t the main stressor in your life, humans are a social creature and should never think we can do everything alone. If you don’t feel like talking to a good friend who we feel might judge us we can always use the internet and sites like Talk With Stranger or Chat24. Just getting your feelings out will help us destress
  • Get Curious when we get judgmental with others
    • Ask yourself “What is really happening here” “What am I not seeing” “What can I learn about this situation.”

Chiropractic Care for Adrenal Overdrive in Austin or Circle C

Now you might be wondering why a chiropractor might be talking about mental stress and anything to do with physical pain. Well as a wellness chiropractor in Austin or Circle C we treat the entire body not just pain, and with that being said there are three major stressors in the body that can cause symptoms to appear. Physical, chemical and the one we spoke of here Emotional. So let’s think about this quickly, if the Adrenal Glands are working overtime would it make sense that they are sending increased signals to the brain. Sure it would, when they are working normally that would be healthy functioning. Does it also make sense that the nervous system when working overtime would create what we call a subluxation in the spine because the nervous system isn’t functioning correctly and that a subluxation is a result of a non-normal functioning nerve. The main function of a chiropractor is the correction of subluxation when then can help the nerve return to normal function, but if we do not treat the Adrenal Overdrive the subluxation will just return. So we need to correct both the cause and effect of the subluxation.

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